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Lupercalia-valentine's day.

Valentine’s Silver Gifts


If you are looking for a special gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day you should look no further than a piece of silver jewellery, or other silver gift, because while traditional gifts of chocolates and flowers will soon be eaten, fade or forgotten a piece of silver will be treasured forever.…

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David Gilmore silver wedding.

Silver Weddings 2019

Finding celebrity silver weddings becomes increasingly difficult with each passing year. Many famous couples married in 1994…but not that many marriages have survived 25-years.…


How to Cut a Stilton Cheese

According to a press release issued by the Good Housekeeping Institute it appears that diners have been committing a gastronomic crime on Britain’s cheeseboards.…


How to Clean a Wine Decanter

Cleaning a  wine decanter after you have used it for your red wine or port can be tricky, especially if you have finished the bottle and gone to bed without rinsing it…


Decanting Wine & Spirits

Decanting Wine – When Should You Do It? There are two reasons why decanting wine might be a good idea; it might be an old bottle, especially a Bordeaux wine with some…


Sterling Silver Photo Frames

Silver photo frames It is with great delight that we launch our brand new high quality sterling silver photograph frames. Fully hallmarked and with strong and practical wooden backs and branded grey…


History of the St Christopher

The story of St. Christopher and the medallion named after him is an interesting tale. It is said that he was a Canaanite named Reprobus, seven feet six inches tall with a…


Silver Wine Cistern

A news item about a sale of antiques caught my eye as it mentioned a silver wine cistern made by William Comyns & Sons Ltd. This is the firm that my father…


Early History of Silver – Part One

The history of silver is long, archaeological evidence suggests that people have been using silver for at least 5000 years. The first evidence of silver mining dates back to 3000 B.C., in…